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Our Mission
For Over 110 Years

Our dedicated team at Adams County Nursery is driven to adapt to the demands of a dynamic industry, pursue modern production and business practices and provide a quality product to the growers we serve. As a multi-generational family business, we are grounded in a rich tradition of hard work and integrity, and are deeply committed to the well-being of our employees, their families and our community.

Planting Systems

We are pleased to offer fruit growers a complete support package for use in the vertical axe and slender spindle planting systems. We inventory high quality CCA-treated lodgepole pine posts for their strength and longevity in the field. This system has proven the most durable and cost effective to date. Visit our Orchard Supplies page to browse trellis materials available for purchase.

Tree support system for Vertical Axis and Slender Spindle using the single high wire and 1/2" steel stakes with a driven post as the anchor.

Tree Support System for Vertical Axis

Alternate tree support system for Slender Spindle using 4 wires, no conduit and 12' posts.

Tree Support System, no coduit

Diagram modified by ACN, used by permission of Terence L. Robinson and Stephen A. Hoying, Cornell University, NYSAES, Geneva, NY.

  1. 4''- 5'' x 10' lodge pole or 4''- 5'' x 12' lodge pole
  2. 12.5 gauge hi-tensile steel wire
  3. 0.706'' x 10' galvanized steel stake
  4. Tying material
  5. Stake clips
  6. REMA Tree clips
  7. Tree guards
  8. In-line strainer (wire tensioner)
  9. Gripple&reg Tool and Jumbo Gripples®
  10. Kwik-Loc™ Tensioning tool and releasable Kwik-Locs
  11. 2" Double-barbed wire staples


Planting System Articles

The Vertcile Axis Planting System

By Steve Hoying, Terence Robinson and Mike Fargione
Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Hudson Valley Lab and NYSAES


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