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We at Adams County Nursery recognize the significance of the contributions of previous generations who worked to build a company set in sound business principles, and we strive to continue our tradition of quality products with a commitment to customer service.

Preparation for Planting

How do I choose a good site for my trees?
Fruit trees prefer well-drained soils. Avoid low areas subject to frost. Elevated sites that are sloped are ideal. If possible arrange rows to run North to South. Northern aspects are generally more frost tolerant. Fruit trees should be planted in full sun.

How big of a hole should I dig?
A minimum 18" x 18" hole is recommended.

What do I need to know about soil type?
Fruit trees do not require fertile soils. Soils that are well-drained with some gravel or shale are ideal. Fruit trees struggle in heavy clay and poorly-drained soils. In situations where only these types of soils exist, ridging the planting to elevate the tree above the existing soil plane helps to rectify this problem. Your pH should be somewhere near 6.2 - 6.5 (neutral). Mend with lime if necessary.


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