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Our Mission
For Over 110 Years

We at Adams County Nursery recognize the significance of the contributions of previous generations who worked to build a company set in sound business principles, and we strive to continue our tradition of quality products with a commitment to customer service.

Retail Shipping Info

What to Expect

We supply 2-year, bare root trees. The trees are shipped dormant in the springtime and should be planted shortly after they are received. Tree size varies based on the type of fruit tree, but on average you should expect to receive trees 4-5' in height and ½-⅝'' in caliper.


Our trees are distributed in the springtime. Shipping season typically starts late February and runs through the end of May. We will ship your order at the proper time for your area. If you need to receive your tree order at a specific time please contact us directly. We do not offer fall shipping.


Our smaller, retail orders are shipped UPS ground in corrugated cardboard boxes. The trees are laid in plastic and the roots are packed in sphagnum moss before being wrapped in the plastic and boxed for shipment. A copy of our planting guide is included with every shipment.


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