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Our Mission
For Over 110 Years

Our dedicated team at Adams County Nursery is driven to adapt to the demands of a dynamic industry, pursue modern production and business practices and provide a quality product to the growers we serve. As a multi-generational family business, we are grounded in a rich tradition of hard work and integrity, and are deeply committed to the well-being of our employees, their families and our community.

Statement of Policies

Our Guarantee: Adams County Nursery endeavors to provide nursery stock that is in good live condition at the time of delivery. We recognize, however, that occasionally a newly planted tree will fail to grow due to circumstances beyond the control of either buyer or seller. As we are interested in our customers experiencing a successful first year, we offer a limited warranty. The Limited Warranty is published in the Terms and Conditions of Sale on the price sheet insert and on the back of all order confirmations.

Budwood Selection and Care: Adams County Nursery carefully selects budwood from trees with a history of producing high quality fruit. Because of the variability of fruit types and the influence of location, soil type, fertility and other influences beyond our control, we cannot accept responsibility for fruit type, color, flavor or other varietal defects. We also make every effort to produce quality trees that are free of harmful viruses and diseases; however, not all varieties are available as virus certified. We continue to invest in a program of virus certification in an effort to deliver the highest standards to our customers.

Fire Blight and Other Plant Diseases: Nearly all of the plants we produce are susceptible to plant pathogens. These plant diseases include, but are not limited to, fire blight, bacterial canker, peach scab, powdery mildew and numerous others not mentioned here. These plant diseases exist in nearly every environment throughout North America and thrive in a broad spectrum of non-fruit tree hosts. We make every effort to produce trees free of plant diseases and insect pests through vigilant field inspection throughout the growing season. Adams County Nursery is not responsible for the health of the trees following planting and the performance of the trees is, to a large degree, dependent upon the care they receive after planting. We encourage our customers to use good horticultural practices in controlling pests and diseases. We provide links on our website to sources of helpful information to aid in the establishment of a successful orchard or garden.

Patents and Trademarks: Many of the varieties offered by Adams County Nursery are the subject of United States Plant Patents and/or Registered Trademarks. U.S. Plant Patent laws prohibit the propagation of patented varieties for personal use or for sale, or selling the plant or any of its parts, including the fruit, throughout the United States or importing the plant so reproduced, or any of its parts into the United States. Permission must be obtained in writing from Adams County Nursery prior to topworking or propagating any patented varieties assigned to Adams County Nursery. The use of trademarks owned or licensed to Adams County Nursery without authorization is prohibited. The purchase of trees from Adams County Nursery bearing a Trade Name label constitutes authorization for use of Trade Name in the sale and distribution of the fruit produced from those trees.

Diversity of Products: At Adams County Nursery, we produce a wide variety of horticultural products including apple, peach, pear, plum, cherry and apricot trees. We currently offer more than 250 fruit tree cultivars with very diverse characteristics. We advise our customers to be aware that different fruit types, fruit varieties and tree rootstock types will not perform identically in a given site, region or zone. Some varieties and some rootstocks are adaptable to certain sites and some are not. Climate, soil type, biotic and abiotic stresses, and cultural practices all influence the performance of fruit trees. We encourage customers to carefully watch newly planted trees and respond immediately to symptoms of pests and diseases or other factors influencing tree health.

Shipping Information: All orders are shipped f.o.b. Aspers, Pennsylvania. Trees are packed in containers for transport, and the size and type of shipping container is dependent on the quantity and size of the trees. Orders exceeding 1,000 trees are often packed in shipping containers that require the use of mechanical aids in unloading at the destination point. Otherwise, trees are packed in corrugated boxes ranging from 10 pounds to 250 pounds. All packaging charges are added to the invoice at time of shipping. If packaging is required for trees picked up at the nursery, please request this service in advance.

Nursery Certification Tax and Pennsylvania Sales Tax: All orders are subject to a 1 percent Fruit Tree Certification Tax. Pennsylvania Sales Tax (6 percent) will be added to all orders shipped to customers in Pennsylvania unless we have a completed Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Form on file.

Terms of Payment and Deposits: All orders require a deposit of 25 percent to secure the order unless other arrangements are made in advance. All order confirmations indicate the payment terms and deposit requirements and require the return of a signed copy to Adams County Nursery. With established credit, terms of sale are Net 30, with a 1.5 percent service charge on balances not paid within 30 days. Orders confirmed by credit card will have 25 percent charged to the card to confirm the order with the balance charged to the credit card on the day the order is shipped. Credit card payments over $1000.00 will be assessed a 3 percent convenience fee. Tree order allocations are based on the date that the deposit is received by Adams County Nursery.

Terms and Conditions of Sale: Please refer to our price sheet insert or website for a complete listing of warranties and disclaimers. Our complete listing of warranties and disclaimers is also an integral part of every sale and is included on the back of all order confirmations and invoices.


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