Pluots® are interspecific hybrid crosses of plum and apricot, developed by Zaiger Genetics, located in Modesto, CA. Over the years, the Zaiger family and their primary commercial partner, Dave Wilson Nursery, have granted us the opportunity to test many different Pluot® selections here in the east. Below is a list of Pluot® selections that have done well in our trials and we would recommend for planting under East Coast growing conditions. They are listed alphabetically for quick and easy reference. If you would like to view our Pluot® varieties listed in order of ripening please use the Maturity Chart link provided on the right.

Pluot® is a registered trade name of Zaiger Genetics, Inc.

Pluot® Varieties

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Maturity Chart

Use this list to help choose fruit trees which yield fruit at different times throughout the season. (Harvest dates are approximate for south central PA. Adjust accordingly for other locations.)

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About Rootstock

Our plum and apricot trees are grown on Myrobolan rootstock due to its hardiness and ability to adapt to a wide range of soils. Myro is shallow rooted, yet well anchored and vigorous. The recommended spacing for this rootstock is 12' between trees and 20' feet between rows.

Rootstock Chart

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