Pioneer™ Mac

Pioneer™ Mac
(Greiner Cv.)

Ripens just after Rogers Red McIntosh, allowing flexibility in harvest. Fruit quality, flavor and size are excellent. Flesh is white and firmer than many McIntosh strains. Pioneer™ Mac has shown resistance to late-season drop on mature trees. Considered a non-spur, the tree exhibits semi-spur flower bud formation, with some fruiting on one-year-old wood. Tree is less vigorous and more spreading than other McIntosh strains. Pioneer™ Mac will pollinate both Marshall McIntosh and Rogers Red McIntosh. One of the highest quality McIntosh strains suitable for CA storage.

Propagated Rootstocks:
Bud 9, Bud 9 / EMLA 111, M-9 / EMLA 111, EMLA 7, EMLA 106, G-11, G-41


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Rootstocks are plants with pre-established root systems onto which a cutting or a bud from another plant is grafted, allowing for control of vigor and/or disease-resistant abilities.

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Many fruit tree varieties are not self-fertile. In order to have successful pollination, it may be necessary to have two different varieties of tree.

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