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Pluot Tree Varieties

Pluot Varieties :


The list below identifies the ripening order of the PluotŪ varieties we carry. Use this list to help choose varieties that will yield fruit at different times throughout the season.  The harvest dates listed here are approximate for south, central PA. Please adjust dates accordingly for other locations.       

Pluot Trees

  • Flavor Queen PluotŪ - August 22
  • Dapple Dandy PluotŪ  PP#9,254 - August 28
  • Flavor King PluotŪ  - September 1
  • Flavor Grenade PluotŪ PP#12,097 - September 5
  • Flavor Heart PluotŪ PP#10,608 - September 10 
  • Flavorich PluotŪ - September 23 

General Information

We are excited to offer this new fruit type, developed by Floyd Zaiger, Zaiger Genetics, Modesto, California. PluotsŪ are interspecific hybrids of plum and apricot. We have now had experience in testing a number of selections and are gaining some confidence in our ability to successfully crop these new fruit types.

PluotsŪ provide growers with options to traditional varieties of plum and apricot with diversity in fruit color and flavor. There is still much to be learned about their adaptation to eastern climates, but for those who venture into planting these exquisite fruits, there is great pontential for reward. For additional information see www.davewilson.com

*Please note: Stone fruit trees cannot be shipped into California due to CA State restrictions. This includes all peach, nectarine, plum (pluotŪ), apricot and cherry varieties.*